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East Africa ó An Opportunity to make a grassroots contribution

Our first safari in 1978 traveled to Kenya and Tanzania, then wide open and wild with ample space for wildlife and humans to co-exist. But the march of development has pushed up against, and sometimes over, the borders of protected areas. In these conflicts, wildlife is the sure loser. In 25 years of annual trips to East Africa, we have constantly looked for the best avenues to help wildlife conservation. While there are no easy answers, we are very pleased to be helping a young self-taught naturalist get the college education he needs to be an effective and influential conservationist in Kenya.

In Kenya and Tanzania, wildlife is crucially important to the economy and culture. Yet these values are often overlooked because they arenít realized as immediately as cattle, crops or development. But the people who can change this donít often have the tools to make the change. Protected areas suffer from a shortage of committed locals who have the education to hold positions of responsibility. The education required is not expensive Ė tuition for one student at the Kenya Wildlife College in Naivasha can be as little as $1800. But this is more than local self-taught naturalists and aspiring conservationists can afford.

Through our grassroots tuition fund we are now seeking to help three self-taught naturalists through wildlife college. With the training and qualification of wildlife college, these dedicated intellectual men could begin to achieve their dream of preserving natural habitats and native wildlife in their homelands.

Titus Iboma

We have known Titus since he was 8 years old, when his father was our local wildlife guide in Kenya. He has consistently impressed us with his desire to learn everything possible about the natural world around him. His in-depth knowledge has been a highlight as a naturalist on our recent safaris. With only a secondary school degree, Titus worked for the bird department at the Nairobi National Museum until we and our participants helped Titus through a 13-month intensive course in ecology and conservation at the Kenya Wildlife College last year. Through our grassroots tuition fund, we are now funding his research project so that he may finish his degree and move into the conservation work he has always dreamed of doing. Titus is now in a good position to influence attitudes and policy among his people.

If you would like to help us build grassroots conservation in Kenya, your contribution will go directly to the tuition for these three young men. You will receive a receipt from us, a personal thank you from the student who receives your contribution, and updates on their progress. Join us in contributing to getting the right people into positions where they can change attitudes toward wildlife.

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