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We applaud your interest in conservation.

Don't forget to consider the ecotourism guidelines when choosing a tour operator!

Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris does a great deal, both logistically and financially to support our local Audubon chapter (the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society). Given the development pressures facing critical habitat, we strongly encourage everyone who cares about maintaining a natural environment to support your local conservation groups as much as possible. The crisis of biodiversity loss is happening in your backyard as much as in the far corners of the world!

If you are interested in international wildlife and habitat conservation you can start by becoming members of any of many organizations working to provide solutions to pressures on natural habitat. The following are a few we feel to be excellent because of the work they have done and the minimal bureaucracy with which they operate:

Conservation International
1015 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

phone: 1-800-406-2306
e-mail: newmember@conservation.org

CI does a fabulous job actually getting in the field and getting conservation done. They work to provide innovative solutions to communities facing no apparent alternative to resource exploitation. Their bimonthly publication, while very minimal, is quite informative. They also keep any kind of advertising and overhead expenses to minimum levels to avoid the kind of competition so many large conservation organizations engage in. Their money goes to getting work done.

This is just a start. There is so much one person can do! From minimizing personal consumption to pressuring your political representatives to actively work for conservation, the choice is yours.

Learn about ecotourism Learn about conservation
Big Volcano Tourism
A comprehensive list of links to eco- and nature based tourism resources, including research papers, conference presentations, regional and national tourism policies and strategies.
Conservation International
Conservation International uses science, economics, policy, and community involvement to promote international biodiversity conservation in rain forests and other endangered ecosystems worldwide.
Survival International
Check out the background sheet on tourism.
Cultural Survival
Helps indigenous peoples and ethnic groups deal as equals in their relations with national and international societies.
The Ecotourism Information Center
Homepage run by the Australian Ecotourism Association
Rainforest Action Network
Details the organizations campaigns to save the rainforests, general information on the rainforests and their destruction and amazon updates and alerts.
The Ecotourism Society
Information for ecotourism professionals concerning various aspects of the industry.
Survival International
Supports tribal people worldwide through education and campaigns. Check out the background sheet on tourism.
The Nature Conservancy
TNC is a world leader in conservation based in good science for protection of biodiversity, both in the USA and abroad.
For more information regarding conservation or environmental action, please send us your questions, or give us a call at 1-800-527-5330. We'll happily provide you with more information.