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For example, public input stopped Mitsubishi and the Government of Mexico from building a saltworks plant that would have imperiled Grey Whale breeding lagoons.

Current Issues:

Iconic Galapagos Islands threatened by longline fishing

The Galapagos Islands are iconic for biologists and lovers of nature, home to a dizzying array of rare and endangered species that inspired Charles Darwin's seminal work on evolution. Today, the entire marine ecosystem surrounding the islands is at risk. The powerful commercial fishing lobbies that hold sway with the government are asking for license to longline fish throughout the Galapagos Marine Reserve, an internationally protected area since 1986. They say it will be controlled and 'ecologically sound', but in a country consistently rated one of the most corrupt in the world, there is reason for doubt! Longline fishing involves laying lines that are many miles long, strung with hundreds of thousands of baited hooks. In some cases up to 80 percent of the resulting catch consists of dolphins, sea turtles, sea birds, sea lions, and other marine animals. This is the same wildlife that brings to the Galapagos its most sustainable and supporting industry: tourism.
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Stop Climate Change and Global Warming

George Bush is ignoring his single environmental promise and the needs of our world by refusing to take Climate Change and Global Warming seriously. Tell him this can't go on! The Earth is heating up. By burning fossil fuels and clear-cutting forests, humans are adding carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere at a perilous rate. The consequences of global warming are potentially catastrophic. This climate change is heating up the Arctic faster than the rest of the world and much more rapidly than previously believed, with devastating impacts on Arctic cultures and societies, economies and wildlife. Join us in spreading the word and acting to stop the continuation of the global warming trend.
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Save the Wandering Albatross

Illegal fishing is driving the majestic wandering albatross to extinction. More than 300,000 seabirds, including 100,000 albatrosses, are dying every year because of long-line fishing. This needless practice is leaving at least 16 of the 21 albatross species in imminent danger of extinction. Longlining poses the greatest single threat to seabirds worldwide. Boats cast lines of up to 80 miles long carrying thousands of baited hooks that trap the birds. They are then are dragged under and drowned. Act today to save these species for future generations.
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Protect the Biodiversity of Kenya

There is a delicate balance in the environment of Kenya that is being threatened with destruction. Kenya's park system and tourist industry is failing to work with the tribal people and the needs of the native wildlife. Domestic cattle have free range of the parks, creating potential competition for the natural resources and disturbing the park's wildlife; forcing them to continually find new lands to enhabit. Read more about the Kenyan policy failure and see what conservation groups are doing to try and prevent further impact.
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